The only co-pilot with a purpose-built digital cockpit. Qthena.

Whether you’re a legal professional or anyone battling with document-heavy tasks, Qthena promises clarity, convenience, and unparalleled efficiency. Transform your workflow, no matter its nature, with Qthena.

  • Your Digital Desk: Skip the hassle of re-opening and re-arranging documents between sessions.
  • Chat with Qthena – Powered by GPT. Effortlessly converse and accomplish any task.
  • Qthena makes legal and strategy insights accessible for experts and novices alike.
  • Your docs arrangement is saved, allowing you to always pick up where you left off and save time.
  • Collaborate from anywhere
    with anyone. Say goodbye
    to PDF attachments.
  • Exclusive Innovation Data: Qthena's proprietary patent and innovation insights tailored for strategists and innovators.

Sustainable Workflows that drive revenue & profit.

Stop jumping around between different apps to complete one single workflow. Qthena combines all the tools, automations & insights you need in one unified application and supercharges it all with generative AI-powered assistance.

  • ROI
    Our users see on average a
    minimum 5x Return of
    Investment (ROI). Time to allow
    Qthena to increase your
    organisations profit.
  • Workflow Automation
    Our out-of-the-box AI-powered
    workflow automations increase
    your efficiency with up to 90%.
  • Remote Work
    Get up to 80% faster when
    collaborating with internal &
    external collaborators. Save
    everyone time.
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One workflow app
to replace them all

One workflow app to replace them all
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Collaborate from Anywhere.

You can access your digital desk from any browser and collaborate from anywhere. Share documents via a Qthena Project link and never send or print a PDF document again.

One-Click Workflows Enhanced by GPT Power

Harness the various GPT-powered Qthena skills to standardise your workflows. With zero setup time and no need for internal resources, you’re ready to get started. Experience the convenience of instantly reviewing complex documents through intuitive chat conversations and the purpose-built Qthena cockpit.

With Qthena you will forget about:
  • Numerous apps & the cost associated therewith
  • Printing PDFs to review complex documents
  • Sending large email attachments
  • Losing focus during your case work
  • Restarting from scratch everytime you revisit a project

Sample use cases

Save 10 hours or more per week. Every Week.

Your time is too valuable to be wasted on repetitive routine tasks. Qthena empowers you to focus on strategic work & relationship-building activity. Let’s show you how.

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What our users say

  • It’s a game-changer. That’s an overused term but it is indeed a game-changer in the sense that it is the first to offer European patent examiner statistics and provides a much more efficient way to organize and work with multiple PDFs internally and with clients.

    Dr. Eva Willnegger,
  • With ipQuants, it is substantially easier for us to gather precise IP statistics about the target company. Companies are shocked about what we are able to find out. Typical feedback is that we know more about them than they know about themselves. That’s how thorough our research is.

    Klaus Göken,
    Eisenführ Speiser
  • I think ipQuants gives an advantage to attorneys and firms using it… I saw an opportunity to 1. deliver more value to our clients by basing decisions on data and patterns rather than gut feel, and 2. greatly improve many of our internal processes such as competitive analysis and business development.

    Dr. Paul Loustalan,
  • Qthena allowed me to truly start working digitally.. I do not have to spend time re-opening and re-arranging the same documents over and over again…On top of this, the relevant insights are available right where I need them, allowing me to provide strategic advice more easily.

    Thomas Gibb,
    Head of Professional Practice & Director Patents,

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