Qthena. Your digital strategy assistant.

Qthena delivers digital workflow kits that include all the relevant docs, insights and tools. Fully automatically. 

Sustainable Workflows


Your Digital Desk

Avoid re-opening and re-arranging documents between review sessions. With the Qthena Digital Desk solution you can always pick up where you left off.



Goodbye PDF attachments

Share a Qthena Project link with the documents already opened on the relevant pages, control document downloads, and turn off access anytime.



Instant, actionable insights

All the IP & Innovation insights you need to be a proactive business partner are available from one single platform. Manage client expectations with data-driven insights.



Standardised Workflows

One-click workflows. No set-up time or implementation time needed. Login and start saving time and resources. Standardised workflows for everyone.


Collaborate from Anywhere.

You can access your digital desk from any browser and collaborate from anywhere. Share documents via a Qthena Project link and never send or print a PDF document again.

With Qthena you get:


Collaborate from Anywhere

A true digital desk that you can share with any collaborator from any device. Never send or print a PDF document again. 



Access Data-Driven Insights

Strategically relevant insights are delivered fully automatically to your Qthena Digital Desk. Become a proactive knowledge worker. 



Increase Your Efficiency

Key workflows are automated out-of-the-box. Automatic handling of your documents paired with strategically relevant insights. 


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Solutions by industry

Legal Professionals

Qthena provides a Legal Kit equipped with all the relevant documents, insights and tools for you to achieve better outcomes in the most efficient manner. Experience purpose built digital workflows. Let's get started!

Tech & IP Strategists

No matter if Corporate (IP) strategist, VC, CVC, start-up founder or Chief IP Counsel, Qthena provides the needed insights instantly. Stop guessing and googling around, and start your storytelling journey now.

Corporate Innovation

Understand instantly how you compare to your competitors and understand their focus. Do this in minutes, not weeks. Enter your next meeting with truly strategic innovation insights. Let's get started!

Marketing & BD Teams

Want your marketing & business development team to draft more convincing pitch decks? Then you need to let Qthena empower them with the needed insights effortlessly, so they can focus on the storytelling. Let us show you how.

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