Democratizing IP Intelligence


01 / FAST

Innovation analytics reports on demand. Get detailed and instant patent analytics insights with ipQuants.


Innovation analytics that matter. ipQuants innovation analytics platform enables true data driven decision making.

03 / EASY

No data scientist nor database experts required in order to extract commercially relevant IP insights. The ipQuants algorithms set your analytics report creation on autopilot, while you can focus on analyzing the results.



ipQuants innovation analytics platform provides a 360 view of any patent applicant of your choice. From key inventors to collaboration partners, the ipQuants algorithms extract all commercially relevant insights and present it in the most user-friendly manner. In seconds; not days.


ipQuants QuantBoards will empower your next benchmarking study with the innovation analytics you need. Need to identify key inventors within a particular technology field, or maybe a top university? With the ipQuants innovation analytics platform it will take a few seconds only to arrive at the results you need in the format you need.

Innovation Analytics

ipQuants is an Innovation Analytics Platform that extracts and quantifies all information associated with intellectual property assets in order to deliver instant strategic insights.


Some of the questions which you can get answered with the ipQuants
innovation analytics platform are:

Q.Who are the Key Inventors?

A. ipQuants innovation analytics platform instantly calculates and presents indicators that provide deep insights about key inventors of your potential target or competitor. Is the inventor in question relying on co-inventors, or is the inventor a prolific sole inventor? It is time to get quantifiable answers that are relevant not only for preparing litigation strategies, but also for your next M&A project.

Q.Need to conduct a "patent background check"?

A. ipQuants provides patent background checks on company, inventor and sector level. For the busy litigator or manager, ipQuants brings you up to speed instantly. We made it easy and fast, so that you can get the 360 overview of any patent applicant, sector or inventor whenever you need it. Limited time for preparing your next meeting? ipQuants empowers you to get up to speed within minutes rather than days. Stop outsourcing matters, that you can have answered instantly.

Q.Need Open Innovation Insights?

A. ipQuants innovation analytics platform will enable you to identify both your competitors Open Innovation partners and the most active Research institues and Universities within your area of interest. Get the Open Innovation Insights you need, when you need it.

Q.Which are the key patents of your competitor or acquisition target?

A. The ipQuants platform identifies the key patent families and lets you know which patents have been expanded to the key patenting regions. Categorize the patent families by patent family size or by key patenting regions within seconds. Knowing which patent families are expanded to the top patent regions, helps you focus your review on the main patent families of your comeptitor and potential acquisition target.