Qthena. Unifying workflow automation and insights.

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About ipQuants

Our Qthena workflow solutions empower anyone to work efficiently & collaboratively from anywhere. 

Our Qthena insights solutions provide timely & strategically relevant insights automatically & effortlessly.

By unifying our Qthena workflow & insights solutions, we empower our users to answer strategically relevant questions in the most efficient manner.

Providing every knowledge worker with a personalized digital strategy assistant.

Our Team comes to work each day to build solutions that help users to work digitally and sustainably from anywhere. We do this by truly focusing on the end-user experience. We also empower our users with the insights they need, when they need them. We help them to avoid the guessing game, and provide them with the insights they need to implement data-driven strategies. 

Gianluca, Panos, Angelos, Sandra, Lefteris, John, Michalis, Alex, Vasilis, Vasilis, Nikos, Niko

Tony, Vasilis, Kostas 

(missing on ice: Sarah, Andrea and Jonathan)

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Tony Afram

Founder and CEO


Gianluca Tarasconi

Founder and Chief Data Officer


Vasileios Vasileiadis

Chief Technology Officer


Jonathan Laidler

Head of Business Development


Andrea Strobach

Customer Success Rep

Cecilia Lisca

Sales Rep