Actionable Insights

Strategically relevant and actionable insights automatically delivered to you in a timely manner. From EPO & USPTO patent prosecution analytics to global strategic patent insights. Don’t guess, know.

  1. 01

    Insights Where You Need Them

    Get actionable insights delivered right next to the document you are reviewing. No workflow gets interrupted. Qthena will timely and effortlessly deliver the most relevant insights fully automatically to you. From Patent Examiner grant rates to insights based on key patent events. Actionable insights were you need them.
  2. 02

    Manage Expectations

    From Qthena Risk Scores to statistical support to take decisions on key events of your patent lifecycle, use actionable data to advise your clients on the next steps. Leave the guessing game to others. Differentiate yourself from other patent law firms or in-house counsel. It has never been easier to implement data-driven decision making.
  3. 03

    Global Strategic Innovation Insights

    Use truly strategic innovation insights in your strategy deck. Leave the simple patent stats to others, and take your strategy review meetings to the next level with the Qthena Strategic Insights. From identify key patent initiatives of your competitors to growth rates by tech field, Qthena got the strategic innovation insights you need to be aware of.
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    Proprietary & Unique Insights

    We empower you with data-driven insights not available anywhere else. ipQuants pioneered EPO pre- and post grant insights (aka prosecution analytics). Building on our success with European patent data (EPO), the ipQuants platform is also the only platform providing EPO, USPTO and WO(PCT-EP) prosecution analytics. More importantly, our Qthena solution delivers the insights you need to become the strategic business partner to your clients.
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