Are you data-driven yet?

6 December 2022

Are you data-driven yet?

Apple lost 580 EP patent applications in the last 3-years. Don’t worry, they also got 1’492 EP applications granted. 

What is more interesting is that in the last 3-years Apple only started an EPO examination appeal procedure for 34 EP applications…

Why? Which one? Those are some of the first questions that come to your mind if you are a strategic business partner.

Studying the examination appeal activity of your competitor can help you understand what is important to them. Often, we just need a first signal to start the journey to understand what is important to our competitors. This can be one such signal. Due to the extra cost involved for such examination appeal procedures, the patent applicant is usually very selective with the filing of appeals. That is also clear from Apple’s appeal activity.

So next time you need to impress your R&D team or want to become a strategic partner to your business, be pro-active and share insights with them that they might not be aware of. After all, our Qthena solution enables you to retrieve these insights in a few seconds only.

Of course, your competitor might get through the patent prosecution process without the need to file an appeal for any of its “important cases”. As we continue our #areyoudatadrivenyet series, we will highlight other signals you can rely on as well.

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