Qthena is your supportive and helpful digital strategy assistant. It’s the only co-pilot with its purpose-built digital cockpit!

Transform your workflows with our innovative generative AI solution. Unlock hidden answers within documents, notes, websites, and more. Revolutionize your review experience by simply instructing Qthena. 

Harnessing a secure and confidential implementation of the most powerful large language models (incl. GPT4) Qthena elevates your strategic capabilities to new heights.


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Enhanced Document Analysis
  • Qthena offers meticulous line-by-line analysis, diving deep into the content of large documents, including complex scientific papers and patents. Seamlessly review multiple documents in one session, unlocking new possibilities for comprehensive analysis and strategic planning.



Streamlined Workflow Transformation
  • Transition effortlessly from document analysis to drafting detailed report letters and summaries, all within one unified chat session.


  • Qthena comes equipped with specialized skills tailored to your needs. Whether you’re drafting state-of-the-art legal arguments for office action response letters or navigating complex patent office communications, Qthena’s specialized capabilities are at your service, ready to assist and enhance your strategic output.
Expertly Crafted for Excellence

At ipQuants, our experts have dedicated hundreds of hours to meticulously crafting the most sophisticated prompts. These are strategically used to pre-prompt Qthena, ensuring that your experience is not just efficient but also seamless. Start your journey with confidence, knowing that you are backed by our commitment to quality and precision. With Qthena, achieving the highest standard of results is just the beginning.



Unmatched Flexibility in Content Analysis

Qthena will only generate answers that are supported by the document you are analyzing. And if Qthena can’t find the right answer, it will simply admit that it cannot help. The unique Qthena contextual controls ensure that no text is generated for the sake of outputting text (in other words, hallucination is avoided). Experience trusted precision now. With Qthena,
you can be confident in the accuracy of the insights you receive, bringing a new level of trust and precision to your text analysis tasks.



Analyse PDF documents, notes and web content with Qthena.

Embrace unmatched flexibility today. Qthena isn’t limited to a single format. Whether it’s a dense technical PDF, a quick handwritten note, or a complex web article, Qthena can seamlessly interpret and analyse the content. This versatility empowers you to streamline your information gathering from a vast array of sources, delivering unparalleled flexibility and efficiency to your workflow. With Qthena, dive into diverse content formats with ease and precision.



Qthena surpasses traditional search methods, interpreting context and detecting

Qthena goes beyond basic keyword searching, as it intelligently interprets the context of your queries and identifies synonyms to provide a more comprehensive understanding. If your traditional CTRL+F keyword search fails, Qthena can still lead you to the right answer. The Qthena solutions recognition of synonyms broadens the scope of your
search, capturing a wider spectrum of relevant information. Step into a new era of search with Qthena, where context is king and every synonym counts.



Qthena’s unique digital cockpit ensures that you can always pick up where you left off, with all relevant data and documents pre-loaded.

This advanced feature streamlines your review process, saving you from the hassle of constantly reloading and re-arranging documents. Instead, you can focus solely on reviewing the content at hand. Meanwhile, Qthena takes care of the rest, organizing your materials and tracking your progress. With Qthena, document reviewing is not just efficient, but also an enjoyable experience whereyour focus is kept where it matters most – on the content.