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Data-Driven Legal Research

You want to be able to properly advise your company or client, but what do you base your advice on? Start with European Patent Office (EPO) Boards of Appeal (BOA) decisions. A lot more than historical records, they’re vital sources of strategic insight and clues about which direction you should advise your company or client to go.

ipQuants Appeal Insights Module enables you to dive deeply into more than 20,000 Board of Appeal (BoA) decisions to learn about outcomes and trends, then analyze the percentages and your options. You can evaluate hundreds of scenarios using ipQuants Appeal Insights search and report filtering options, such as:

  • Identify decisions linked to a particular Chairman or Technical Member.
  • Find relevant appeal decisions by filtering based on Examination Appeal or Opposition Appeal.
  • Which T, J, or G decision is the selected Board citing the most?
  • How does it change in view of a particular appeal outcome or legal provision?


Provide Data Driven Legal Advice
Provide counselling to your company and clients that is supported by data - not intuition.
Find more relevant Information Faster
Understand which case law the board members usually rely on for specific types of appeals.
Conduct Efficient Case Law Review
What used to take hours and an army of researchers is now available through one-click speed. Invest your time analysing actual case law rather than searching for it.
Thousands of decisions on demand
Advanced filtering options enable you to combine search interests, create unique search scenarios, and answer one-off questions for your company and clients.

ipQuants QuantView

Unique Board of Appeal and Chairman Reports are accessible on demand via the ipQuants QuantView platform. Start with the Board Number or Chairman of interest, and ipQuants will deliver the strategic insights that matter. Various filter options allow scenario creation like never before.

The ipQuants database includes board decision data from 28 Technical Boards of Appeal (T), plus the Legal Board of Appeal (J) and Enlarged Board Appeal (G).

Appeal Insights
  • Rely on more than just random guesses. Estimate appeal outcomes based on data from previous decisions and outcomes.

  • Filter results based on Appeal Type to truly understand the Board’s behaviour.

  • Increase your productivity with ipQuants by obtaining instant and actionable insights.

Search fields include:

Keywords, decision text searches, legal provisions, applicants, patentees and opponents.

Search filters include:

Appeal Type
  • Appeal following Examination
  • Appeal following Opposition
Appeal Outcome
Includes outcomes in more than 15 categories, such as:

  • Allowance of appeal
  • Appeal deemed not to have been filled
  • Appeal of the applicant was rejected
  • Appeal of the applicant inadmissible
  • Remittal for grant
  • Continuation of examination procedure

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