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Insights at each stage of the IP Workflow

A key part of watching a sport event is the insights that are presented to the viewer. It is, however, not just about getting access to insights. The sport industry is so fascinating...
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Qthena Case Study – Murgitroyd & Company

One of Europe’s largest IP law firms - Murgitroyd & Company - improved its strategic counsel, client service quality and business development success by integrating Qthena. By upgrading its IP tech stack, the...
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Are You Data-Driven Yet?

If you had to choose between the following two types of patent attorney, which one would you rather take advice from? A) An attorney who provides legal advice + recommendations, or B) An...
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Why should I use data?

If you are a football manager and your team is playing against the world’s best striker, would it influence which defenders you would select to play that day?  Or, if you are a tennis player and you would play against...
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How Many Official Communications does your Examiner usually Issue?

Ever wondered how many Official Communications you can risk before the EPO Primary Examiner had “enough”? A common answer you will get is “two to four”, unless you get the equally common answer...
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Strategic Insights. Instantly.

With the abundance of online information available today, it is possible to get an understanding of, among other things, your next negotiation counterpart by just quickly looking them up on LinkedIn. It takes...
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