ipQuants CI

Win & defend business with data-driven insights

Designed with Business Development in Mind

Know Your Clients. From developing a true understanding about EP case distribution across EP patent law firms to how the performance is impacted by the complexity of the EP applications, all the insights You need to win new and defend existing business is provided by ipQuants CI.


Let Your Clients & Prospects Know.

You and your team put in the hours over the years to achieve great results. Time to let your clients and prospects know. Don't bore new prospects by old fashioned CVs and "we are experienced talk...". Show them the numbers. From Grant rate by technolgy field to law firm experience level within relevant technoligy fields.

And when the time comes to defend your existing business, get the full story by studying complexity KPIs and performance by examination stage. It rarely is just about the grant rate, so make sure you are prepared and can show your Client the full data-driven story.

Use the relevant numbers to back up and amplify your business development activities.


ipQuants CI at a glance

Learn how Big Data Can make a big difference!

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