Discovering the Role of Examiner Experience in Patent Grant Rates: A New Perspective

6 June 2023

As innovation continues to reshape the world, the importance of understanding the patent examination process becomes even more vital. A new study released by ipQuants AG delves into this very subject, offering unique insights into the role of patent examiner experience in determining grant rates at the European Patent Office (EPO).

The research explores the intriguing relationship between examiner experience and variability in patent grant rates. Focusing on the IPC A61 group (medical or veterinary science, hygiene), the study presents compelling evidence suggesting that as examiner experience increases, the variability in grant rates decreases.

Supported by rigorous statistical analysis, the research discovered a strong negative correlation, with findings from the generalized additive model (GAM) revealing that approximately 68.4% of the variation in grant rate variability can be attributed to examiner experience.

Particularly notable in the A61 sector, the study uncovers a significant increase in grant rates with rising examiner experience – a discovery that contradicts conventional expectations of variability inherent in each unique invention.

Such insights bear critical implications for policy-making and future research. It provides the stepping stone towards improving consistency, fairness, and quality in patent examination outcomes.

But these insights are only the tip of the iceberg. To fully comprehend the myriad complexities of the patent examination process and the influential role of examiner experience, the full depth of the study is indispensable.

For a detailed exploration of these insights and much more, download and read the full report here.

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