Embracing Fact-Based Answers with Qthena: A Generative AI You Can Trust

10 May 2023

In today’s information-driven world, professionals across industries rely on artificial intelligence to streamline their workflows and improve efficiency. However, one of the most concerning issues with generative AI is its potential to produce non-factual responses, or “hallucinations.” This makes it difficult for teams to trust the AI-generated answers they receive, hindering productivity and collaboration.

Enter our Qthena generative AI extension AskQthena: a solution designed to prioritize fact-based answers, enabling your team to have confidence in the information they receive from Qthena.

Generative AI systems are notorious for occasionally providing answers that are not rooted in the content they’re analyzing. These “hallucinations” can create confusion and waste valuable time as teams try to verify the accuracy of AI-generated responses.

AskQthena was developed with this challenge in mind. Our goal is to provide a reliable generative AI that focuses on delivering fact-based answers, ensuring that the content you’re querying is accurately reflected in the responses you receive.

When faced with an irrelevant question, Qthena responds with “Sorry, but I can’t help you with that query” instead of providing a fabricated answer (see below screenshot). This transparency allows your team to trust the AI-generated information, boosting efficiency and collaboration.

Benefits of Using Qthena in Your Workflow

With Qthena, you can enjoy several benefits that come with a trustworthy generative AI:

  1. Improved efficiency: By receiving fact-based answers, your team can save time and effort previously spent on verifying AI-generated responses.
  2. Increased trust: Transparency and accuracy in AI-generated answers help build trust among your team members, allowing them to confidently rely on AI-driven tools.
  3. Better decision-making: Fact-based information leads to informed decisions, driving your team toward success.

Qthena is designed to provide a generative AI solution that professionals can trust. With a focus on fact-based answers, your team can confidently rely on AI-generated information, improving efficiency and enabling better decision-making. Experience the power of a trustworthy AI by incorporating the AskQthena extension into your workflow today.

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