ipQuants Examination Insights

Implement more efficient & smarter EPO patent prosecution strategies.

Official Communication Actitivity

Are you receiving more Official Communications per Application than other applicants in the same IPC class? How does it change in view of different Patent Examiners?

And if you are above the benchmark, what do you do next to increase your chances? With the Examination Insights (EXI) solution, you get actionable insights that support you along the entire European patent prosecution workflow.


Grant Rate Insights

Is it advisable to contact the European Patent Examiner for an interview, or does this historically not show any sign of improvement in the grant rate? Equally important, how do you justify to your client that requesting an Examiner call is the right thing?


Legal Provisions Insights

Are you dealing with an Examiner that is particularly strict in view of specific Articles and Rules of the EPC? Make sure you know, so you can adapt your strategy accordingly.


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