Communications to Grant


How Many Communications to Grant?

At some point every attorney will get the following or similar question from their client:

when can we expect the grant or at least a final decision? 

Just trying to answer with a general response based on general "EPO stats" is not so useful. It actually depends on many things. A few examples; the IPC domain, the Primary Examiner handling the case and so on. In fact, coming up with a general answer by asking other colleagues in the office is probably going to be more time consuming for you than just extracting the relevant insights directly via the ipQuants solutions.

A frequent use case is that the client wants to know how many Communications it would take before a final decision is issued (grant or no grant). What would make your answer more relevant, is if you only take cases of the Examiner into account that did go through the examination stage for the IPC relevant to you. Thus, exclude previous applications that had zero Official Communications and also restrict your search to a specific IPC tech field.

You will end up with a simple metric to go back to your client with. In the below example, the Examiner of interest issued two Official Communications on average. That is, after two Official Communications this Examiner would have usually decided a case. Slightly higher than the average count of the selected IPC tech field in the below example.

Responding to your client with data-driven insights provides a more relevant basis for decision making.

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