Examiner vs IPC Grant Insights


Examiner Grant Rate vs IPC Grant Rate

Certain Examiners just are tougher to convince to grant a patent. It is important to understand the Examiner's previous performance in order to form the right strategy. At the end of the day, the Examination procedure is a negotiation between the Patent Attorney and the Primary Examiner. To understand who you are dealing with is important for obvious reasons. Many people go to great length to identify who their negotiation counterpart will be for contract negotiations and they will spend significant time on LinkedIn, Google and similar sources to find every little bit of information to increase their chances. That is what good negotiators do; they prepare.

It is significantly easier to get the relevant strategic insights for your relevant Primary Examiner and the corresponding activity in the relevant IPC.

Below chart indicates that for cases since 2017 the grant rate across the IPC (IPC details not shown) is 20.6% (see Grant Rate Overall), while the Primary Examiner of interest has an overall grant rate of only 7.9% within the same IPC. Note how the grant rate for the cases of the Examiner increases, if the Examiner had agreed to an Examiner Interview. It is not much higher, 9.1% vs 7.9%, but still relatively speaking a boost.

Your client would most certainly appreciate being made aware of such insights, so that the right counter measures can be put in place, if the application in question is a key asset of the applicant. Lear more.

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