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Examining Division Oral Proceedings

Could oral proceedings before the entire Examining Division actually be in your favour? Or should you really try to avoid it? What data could there possibly be to support you in this decision making process?

In-house IP counsel, especially those with budget responsibility, frequently need to determine if attending oral proceedings before the Examining Division indeed increases the chances of getting the application granted.

Outside counsel on the other hand, would need compelling arguments why attending the oral proceedings is recommendable to their clients. That is, why - despite not managing to get the patent granted during written procedure - the oral proceedings could increase the chances of getting the application granted.

For this purpose, data-driven insights can be of clear benefit to both in-house and outside counsel. The ipQuants EXI solutions empowers you to study the grant rates and further details across previous cases of the Primary Examiner that included Summons to Oral Proceedings. The usage of data gives you higher confidence in deciding your next steps.

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