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Unlock detailed patent applicant & law firm statistics, quality KPIs, and strategic insights across USPTO, EPO, and DPMA. Lead with data, drive with insight.

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    Comprehensive Law Firm Analytics

    Discover the power of exclusive law firm statistics with our platform. We provide a unique suite of analytics including case load, grant rates, and insightful customer metrics. Our data spans across USPTO, EPO, and DPMA patent offices, offering a global perspective on legal performance.

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    In-Depth Quality KPIs

    Go beyond surface-level data. Dive into deep quality KPIs such as time to grant, claim amendments, and office action responses. The ipQuants Qthena platform is the only platform world-wide that can provide these level of insights across the top patent offices. You gain a nuanced understanding of the effectiveness and efficiency of the legal services provided.
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    Qthena Strat Dashboards

    Enhance teamwork and decision-making with Qthena's Digital Cockpit — your centralized hub for remote collaboration. Seamlessly interact with big data dashboards and document reports, all within one integrated digital environment. Propel your projects forward, together, from anywhere.
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    Insights into Industry Leaders

    Understand the legal landscape of innovation. Find out which law firms the world's leading innovators trust for their patent needs. Our platform equips you with the knowledge of who is representing the forefront of technology, giving you a competitive edge in the market.
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