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Build data-driven EPO Opposition Strategies

Use real data

Use real data to assess the Opposition activity in your technology field. From EPO opposition outcome statistics (revocation, maintained or amended) to citation frequency of Case Law decisions by Opposition Division Members, get a 360 view instantly.


Build a Data-Driven Strategy

Use real Opposition Appeal statistics to devise a data-driven Opposition Appeal strategy. Drill-down to the Opposition Division Chairperson stats and understand, if the EPO Board of Appeal frequently overturned Your Chairperson's Opposition Decisions.

Stand out from the Patent Attorney crowd by using real data in advising Your client about the next steps.


Verify Your Opposition Arguments

Identify and study relevant Opposition Arguments almost instantly. Our unique FocusView result list empowers you to study hundreds of Opposition Decisions by simply scrolling and viewing the relevant paragraphs. Gone are the days of downloading PDF's and utilizing CTRL+F over and over again.

Use your time more efficently, and equally important, find the arguments and case law decisions you need to build a stronger case.


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Learn how Big Data Can make a big difference!

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