Pre- and Post Patent Grant

The Qthena EP, US & WO patent projects deliver all the docs, insights & tools required for efficiently achieving better results. Experience the only digital assistant solution that truly understands your needs.

  1. 01

    Enter The Patent Number

    Simply enter the EP, US or WO(PCT) patent (application) number and Qthena will retrieve and deliver all the relevant documents & insights automatically via the Qthena Digital Cockpit solution. In short, Qthena takes workflow automation to the next level.

  2. 02

    All Project Resources in One Place.

    All documents, insights and required tools are accessible from a customizable Qthena Project. From efficiently searching within prior art documents to advanced document review solutions, the Qthena platform provides everything you need to achieve achieve better results in the most efficient manner.
  3. 03

    Internal & External Collaboration

    Rarely can a legal workflow be completed by a single team member or without input from your client. Collaboration is the norm in the legal industry. Qthena therefore provides all the collaboration tools needed to efficiently and securely complete the task.

  4. 04

    Qthena Tools & Integrations

    The unique Qthena platform enables you to consolidate all the tools you need to complete your tasks. Experience all the required tools and insights from a single, user-friendly UI. Connect Qthena to your CRM & Docketing system to simplify your access to the most innovative solution for legal workflows.
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