Remote Work

Complete your task and collaborate from anywhere. Qthena always ensures that you have all the relevant documents, insights and tools you need to achieve better results in the most efficient manner.

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    Collaborate From Anywhere

    You can collaborate from anywhere with anyone via the Qthena platform. Share Qthena Project links and get feedback much faster. The Qthena digital desk approach gets everyone up to speed instantly, enabling them to instantly and effortlessly review the required documents.
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    Your Digital Desk is Anywhere You Are

    It should not really matter if you review that PDF document in your office, at home or in the hotel room... And if you start of in your office, but want to finish the review at home, you shouldn't be forced to "plan for it". You should also not think of "getting organised" as a daunting task. With the Qthena solution you don't. Always continue from where you left off and have all of the required tools and information available from anywhere you choose to complete your tasks
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    Qthena Project Customization

    All Qthena projects enable you to arrange your documents and information in the manner you want. The Qthena AutoView function (currently available for EP, US and PCT legal project types) automatically generates all of the relevant document & insight Views. You can alter the AutoViews at anytime and/or add new Qthena Views to your project.

  4. 04

    Control Your Content

    Sending out PDF files means you lose control of your content. Sharing a Qthena project, however, allows you to control access to your content. Simply revoke access to your Qthena project once the review is complete. It is as simple as it sounds and you are always in control.
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It should not matter if you work from home or the office. With Qthena, you always have the documents, insights and tools you need to complete the task.