Quantifying the World’s Legal Data

Data-Driven Legal Research

ipQuants Quantifies the World's Legal Data to Deliver Actionable Insights

Millions of patent filings and other valuable IP data points are published annually. While a handful of organizations profitably leverage them, far more overlook the strategic clues that these innovation and technology sources can otherwise provide.

ipQuants proprietary IP statistics platform quantifies and structures these IP data sources to identify and highlight opportunities and trends in any technology domain. The ipQuants Research Team then provides you with customized insights and recommendations that ensure that you have looked at the full innovation landscape before you draw your final conclusion.

In-depth Expertise

The core ipQuants Research team consists of a former Chief IP Counsel for one of the world’s leading brands, a leading Innovation Economics Researcher and a leading Quantitative Researcher who helped to develop one of the world’s most sophisticated artificial intelligence platforms. With decades of real-life experience, the ipQuants Research Team will add rare expertise and know-how to your decision-making process.

Strategic Insights

If you are planning to enter a new market segment, or need to obtain in-depth understanding of your competitors’ patent technology activity, the ipQuants Research Team will provide the actionable insights you seek. The ipQuants Research Team knows which questions to answer. Leverage the know-how of the ipQuants Research Team and let them deliver data-driven insights with respect to:

  • Discovering promising tech acquisition targets and strategic partners
  • Identifying the key insights for building your legal strategy
  • Exploring tech sector and competitors’ innovation networks
  • Uncovering technology trends and valuable technology adjacencies

The ipQuants Research Team helps you to better understand the innovation trends and issues that are relevant to your investment strategy. Empower your legal, M&A, business development and strategic planning efforts with insights from the ipQuants Research Team.


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