Tech & IP Strategy

Strategic Patent Insights enable you to discover what your competitors are really focusing on. From in-depth European patent insights to global strategic patent insights, with Qthena you will understand the big picture instantly.

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    Track Competitor & Market Activity

    Discover every company your competitor attacked before the European Patent Office (EPO), or understand the market activity for a particular technology field. Create awareness and understand what is really happening in your tech domain.
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    Qthena delivered Strategic Insights

    Our Qthena SI (Strategic Insights) solution delivers key strategic insights to empower you to instantly understand what technology areas your competitor or your industry is focused on. Go beyond simple patent stats and be specific in the answers you provide. What invention does your competitor consider of high value? Qthena SI helps you to extract these and other key strategic insights instantly.
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    Internal & External Collaboration

    Rarely can a workflow be completed by a single team member. When it comes to sharing your findings, the Qthena platform provides all the collaboration tools needed to efficiently and securely complete the task.
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    Unique & Proprietary Insights

    At ipQuants we lead and don't follow. We pioneered European Patent Office (EPO) strategic insights and keep pushing since. We create unique insights, so you can answer real-life business questions. Leave the googling and "nice to have patent stats" to others. Empower your team with strategic insights, so you can stand out from the crowd as well.
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We extract key strategic insights from global patent data, so you can answer real-life strat questions. Instantly.