The Power of Contextual Understanding in Document Search: Qthena

11 May 2023

Are you finding traditional keyword searches limited and frustrating? It’s time to experience the power of contextual understanding with our generative AI, Qthena.

Traditionally, when searching for a keyword in a document, the absence of that specific term would yield no results, leaving you in a lurch. This is where Qthena steps in, taking document searching and understanding to a new level.

Consider this use case. A traditional search for the term “Multispectral” in a PDF document came up empty. However, when the same question was posed to AskQthena, “Does the document disclose multispectral?” the response was insightful and affirmatively informative.

While the specific term “Multispectral” wasn’t present in the document, Qthena understood the context from the document’s content, recognizing the mention of multiple fluorophores with non-overlapping fluorescence emission spectra as indicative of multispectral technology.

This is the power of Qthena: it goes beyond simple keyword matching. It delivers responses based on contextual understanding, filling the gaps left by traditional keyword search methods. This means even when your specific keyword isn’t present, Qthena can still provide relevant and accurate answers.

Harness the power of AI that understands context. Change the way you interact with and understand documents, breaking free from the limitations of traditional keyword searches. Qthena is not just about finding words, it’s about understanding context, making your document search smarter, and your workflow more efficient.

We invite you to share your thoughts on how this could revolutionize your workflow. Experience the power of Qthena and step into the future of document search and understanding.

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