What Data-Driven Patent Portfolio Management Looks Like

29 October 2021

If you travel to Manhattan for the first time, would you prefer to use a map to get to your important meeting on time? Even if it is your 20th trip to Manhattan, would you not prefer to enhance your experience with insights delivered by a tool like Google Maps? You might discover new things on your route, or even optimise your current route based on the real-time insights delivered to you automatically.

Wouldn’t it be great to get such assistance while “driving” one of most important corporate assets through the complex patent prosecution process?

What would the value be to your organisation if this could be possible? And what are the real-life use cases?

At ipQuants we have studied actual prosecution cases of European Patent (EP) patent applicants across different industries. We will highlight several examples here and explain how we have devised the Qthena Prosecution Risk Score to support patent applicants with a fully automated solution to monitor their key assets in real-time.

Qthena is the first purpose built digital strategy assistant for patent professionals. Using all the proprietary insights available to us in view of our efforts of quantifying and digitising each layer of the European Patent Office (EPO), we have successfully devised a Risk Score that compares any currently pending application with previous similar cases.

The Qthena assistant solution therefore can provide an out-of-the-box solution and support you in better assessing not only your own portfolio risk, but also the risk inherent to the portfolio of other applicants, such as a target during an M&A due diligence process or a competitor.

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