Workflow Automation

Qthena fully automatically retrieves, saves, OCR’s, opens and arranges your key documents on your screen, so you can start your document review process instantly.

  1. 01


    Key events across your project are automatically identified and trigger the creation of Qthena project views with the relevant documents already opened and ready to be reviewed.
  2. 02

    OCRed and Ready

    Even before you enter the Qthena project, the relevant documents are already OCRed and ready to be searched. Saves you valuable time and resources.
  3. 03


    Store Qthena Project Links in your CRM, document management system (DMS) or anywhere you want to start your collaboration journey. No existing workflow needs to be disrupted. Qthena Project Links are the natural evolution to existing document review workflows.
  4. 04

    Actionable Insights

    If you are working on an EP, US or PCT patent case, Qthena will also deliver actionable insights when and where you need. Stand out from the IP professional crowd and use real, actionable data to advise your client.
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Share multiple PDF documents already opened on the pages you want via your Qthena Digital Desk.